Keychain from Bakshi LOTR Movie
Gandalf and Eagle Pendant
Gandalf LanLine Modem
Character Buttons from the Ralph Bakshi Lord of the Rings
Brass Belt Buckles from the Bakshi LOTR Movie
The Frodo Lives Button
Gandalf for President Pin
American Tolkien Society Pin
Never Laugh at Live Dragons Pin
Lord of the Rings Playing Cards
Hobbit Cookie Tin
Original Letter - Postcard from Tolkien to Rayner Unwin
Lord of the Rings Candle
Gandalf For President Bumper Sticker
Lord of the Rings Stationary
Deniart Systems
Tolkien Postage Stamps - Centenary - 1992
Hobbit Fighting Knife
A Film Portrait of JRR Tolkien
Drinking Goblets
The Lord of the Rings Sword by the Franklin Mint
Silver Tolkien Medallions
Oliphaunt Mouse Pad
Promotional Photo of Ralph Bakshi
The Lord of the Rings Coloring Book
Tray Puzzle by Whitman
Tray Puzzle by Whitman
JRR Tolkien Letters to Rhona Beare
Hobbit Ashtray
Fellowship License Plate Frame
Lord of the Rings Study Kit
Extensive Listing of Phone Cards
A Set of Movie Pins
Pipeweed Tobacco by G.L. Pease
Bibo Surfboard
Klipsch Speakers with Hobbit Feet
Selection of Tolkien Bookmarks
Gollum Tongue Ring
The One Ring by Applause
Lord of the Rings Postcards - Air New Zealand
The Lord of the Rings Coloring Book
Pin Hobbits Are Tasty
Wine Stoppers Gollum and Gandalf by NECA
Gollum Globe by NECA
Lord of the Rings Blanket
Lord of the Rings Banners - Flags
Lord of the Rings Stationary
Lord of the Rings Shire Coins
Lord of the Rings Bookmarks
Bank of the Ring Novelty Money
Lord of the Rings Oscar Advertisement







  A very high quality, beautiful sword. This would make a great decorative gift for the shield maiden in your life, or someone who just loves equestrian design.


  Now that the movies have largely run their merchandising course, this may be the best time to purchase high quality jewelry at discounted prices. Use these as gifts for years to come.


  It appears that any game that could possibly have a Lord of the Rings theme has been produced. These include Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Backgammon and Dominoes.



  Figures from the movies include a large action figure series. There are separate figure sets and color schemes for each movie. The highest quality figures were made by Sideshow WETA. Although these are expensive, they sell out quickly and will likely keep their values.

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