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Captured by a massive industrial consortium and brainwashed into believing that they have been part of the employees of this company forever, the crew of “Voyager” wore jumpsuits like this one in the episodes “Workforce, Parts I and II” of Star Trek: Voyager. The first costume is a shiny green female jumpsuit with a matching belt, a zip up the front, and an orange sewn in division patch on the left shoulder front depicting ‘Quarren’ character letters. Made by ‘MUTO Little, Los Angeles’ the costumer’s tag indicates use in the episode “Workforce”. The second costume was made for wear by a female “Med. Tech.” and includes a brown shirt that zips at the front and has pleated detail around the shoulders along with a pair of matching brown pants. Costume comes complete with costume tag. The third costume was made for wear by a Blue Level female nurse of the Dinaali species in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Critical Care” in which the “Doctor’s” (Robert Picardo) program was taken from the U.S.S. Voyager and sent to help out on a Dinaali hospital ship. The costume includes a short-sleeved blue vinyl dress with a zip up the back and a corresponding lab coat made of the same vinyl. The coat has three pockets on the front and the costume comes complete with blue tights. The forth costume is a female blue long-sleeved hospital gown also from the episode, “Critical Care”. All costumes come with a costume tag.







  A very high quality, beautiful sword. This would make a great decorative gift for the shield maiden in your life, or someone who just loves equestrian design.


  Now that the movies have largely run their merchandising course, this may be the best time to purchase high quality jewelry at discounted prices. Use these as gifts for years to come.


  It appears that any game that could possibly have a Lord of the Rings theme has been produced. These include Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Backgammon and Dominoes.



  Figures from the movies include a large action figure series. There are separate figure sets and color schemes for each movie. The highest quality figures were made by Sideshow WETA. Although these are expensive, they sell out quickly and will likely keep their values.

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